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Click above to access our Google Docs page.

If you would like to learn more, a full tour is available from Google.
Google Apps Training Center is a great place for tutorials and "how to"'s for teachers.

About Central Docs

For teachers and all students from grades 3 - 12.

The site is located at http://docs.cypanthers.org. There is also a direct link from the student homepage and staff homepage.
  • For teachers: The user name at the above URL is your first initial in capitals and your last name (example - Jsmith) The password default is "Panthers!" Once you log in you can change your password.
  • Students can use this resource for educational purposes.
  • Students log in using their school file server user name and password. If you need to see what they are working on, you can login as the student.
    If it works, they should get one of those screens that asks them to accept terms and fill in one of those funny looking words.
    If it does not, contact Lauri Brady or Carol Roth.
  • If they want to share docs with other students, they invite them with the studentusername@cypanthers.org (08tjones@cypanthers.org). The doc will just show up in the other person's doc list – they will NOT receive an e-mail telling them it was shared.
  • Students can share documents with you by using your Teacher Docs Address (example - jsmith@cypanthers.org) (Again, they will just show up in your list, you will not receive an e-mail telling you the document was shared.)

Student Access:

  1. They first have to make sure their accounts work:
  2. Go to docs.cypanthers.org
  3. They log in using their school user name and password.
  4. If it works, they should get one of those screens that asks them to accept terms and fill in one of those funny looking words.
  5. If it does not, contact Lauri Brady or Carol Roth.
  6. To share a doc with someone else within the district, they use otherperson'susername@cypanthers.org. The doc will just show up in the other person's doc list.
  7. They may use Google Docs for anything school related. Since they cannot change their passwords, we can go in and check the work at any time.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free web-based alternative to Microsoft Office. It has functional (if less powerful) versions of a word processor, presentation application (PowerPoint) and spreadsheet application (Excel). Google Docs also allows you to create Forms in webpages or emails to administer surveys or gather information. An extension of this is the ability to create Google Sites - websites in a variety of formats linked to your Google Docs Username.

Google Docs in Plain English

Why Use Google Docs?

  1. Multiple people can have access to the same document.
  2. One version of a document but you can go back to previous versions (full history kept)
  3. Importing and Exporting between other programs (MS Office).
  4. Can be accessed when not at your computer as long as internet access is available.
  5. Students can collaborate on technology projects in an asynchronous format and send the teacher their work electronically without the use of email.
  6. Students can work on school documents at home.
  7. You do not need the Office Suite to work on these documents but you can save them to the computer in a format readable by MS Office.
  8. All documents are backed up to Google's servers automatically so students don't lose their work.
  9. Through the use of our domain (cypanthers.org), students can safely share their information.
  10. Free

How do you use it?

Feel free to contribute any great ideas that you may have for using google docs within the classroom.

Templates for Use by Students and Teachers

Visit the templates section of Google Docs for ideas.

1) Google Docs

New Version (has a ruler bar)
Simultanious Editing
Comments in margin
Students Sharing Documents with you: Tips: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddnctvgt_216hf44mcfn
*Help: http://docs.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?topic=15114

2) Google Forms

A. Link to URL

B. Embed on a web page (where can you embed it)

C. Changing the embed code
<iframe src="https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/cypanthers.org/embeddedform?formkey=dFYzdm1CY0I1MThYU1lpME92Z3I4eVE6MQ" width="760" height="1179" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

*Help: http://docs.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=15166

3) Google Spreadsheet

A. Simultanious editing of a speadsheet (up to 50 users). Try this Google sheet brainstorming application
B. Other uses
*Help: http://docs.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?topic=15115

4) Google Presentations

A. Create a sample presentation

B. How to embed it on another webpage (ie. your teacher page)
B1. Go to your Google Docs >> open the spreadsheet >> click Share >> See who has access >> Change >> Let people view without singing in >> Save & Close >> Share >> Publish / embed >> Publish document >> customize Presentation Player >> copy the HTML code.
B2. Get back to your Google Site >> click Edit page >> HTML >> paste the code into your HTML editor >> Update >> Save.
*Help: http://docs.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=15116